Liplove looks good on you and is good for you.

Liplove moisturizes and rejuvenates lips, in colors that accentuate every woman. Specially formulated with high-quality, certified organic oils and lip safe mica minerals, the benefits of Liplove last well beyond wear.

Ingredients & Benefits:

*Mango Butter: natural source of Vitamin A, supports youthful appearance

*Castor Oil: contains Vitamin E, softens and hydrates the lips

*Coconut Oil: natural moisturizer for supple lips

*Jojoba Oil: rich in fatty acids, keeps the lips hydrated

Pure Vitamin E Oil: natural preservative that also softens lips

*Rosehip Oil: full of vitamins known to reduce dark spots and rejuvenate the skin

*Strawberry Seed Oil: rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that help repair the moisture barrier of the skin

*indicates certified organic