Ladies We Love: Kerry Croft, Founder of The Vitamin M Box

If you follow Liplove on Instagram, then you know how grateful (and excited!) I am to partner with woman owned companies like The Vitamin M Box, a subscription box that curates a monthly collection of health, fashion and beauty products created by people of color. Before ‘melanin magic’ was a thing, Kerry, the Founder of The Vitamin M Box, was hosting shopping events to empower communities of color to shop products made with them in mind. For that reason, I was so excited that she agreed to give us more insight into why she started her business, her best kept beauty secrets, and more! Read on for the scoop.

Kerry Croft, Founder of The Vitamin M Box

Kerry Croft, Founder of The Vitamin M Box

LL: What inspired you to launch The Vitamin M Box?

KC: I've always personally supported Black owned businesses because I love our community and realize how talented we are, we just don't get the support we deserve. Back in 2009, I started hosting shopping and pampering events to raise funds for Breast Cancer Awareness, and I made sure all of my vendors were Black owned businesses.  Those events ran for 4 years.  I knew I wanted to create a bigger platform, but I just didn't know how at the time. In 2016, I started mapping out my ideas for The Vitamin M Box, with the goal of promoting black owned businesses and products on a national level. In May 2017, The Vitamin M Box launched.

LL: How do you balance life as a wife, mom and entrepreneur, plus all of your other roles?

KC: I'm still trying to figure that out! LOL! Where do I start?! In the mornings, I drop off my son (Jones), then head straight to my 9-5. After work , my husband and I alternate cooking dinner which is great. We make sure to spend time with Jones before we get him ready for bed, then once he's down, I start working on my business.  It also helps that my mother lives 10 minutes away so she's able to watch Jones when we need her to, which also gives us time for date nights! I don't realize that I'm always on the go until we are on vacation and I don't know what to do with being still. This year I did vow to squeeze in some self pampering time!!

LL: What are your favorite products for self care? 

KC: There are two teas I LOVE, a moringa tea by A Life Balanced and ginger lemon tea by Dorpare, face mask by Eve Milan, bath bombs by BB bombs, and my body exfoliator by LuvScrub.

LL: Knowing what you know today, what advice would you give to your 18 year old self?

KC: SAVE! SAVE! SAVE your money whenever you can! Also, don't beat yourself up when you feel you have failed and don't get so caught up in ALWAYS being there for everyone else. Make yourself a priority, and don't let anyone steer you out of your dreams.

LL: What's your go-to beauty regimen when you're on the go?

KC: Face and body butter by A Life Balanced, Fenty Beauty highlighter in Mean Money/Hustla Baby, a good black eyeliner- not brand specific, and a great waterproof black mascara- not brand specific.  A couple of my favorite lip colors are my custom Brown Sugar Liplove and Bawse Lady by The Lip Bar.

Want more melanin in your life? Keep up with Kerry via Instagram, and subscribe to the Vitamin M Box here!