5 Minute Face: The AM Beauty Routine Your Skin Will Thank You For


Regardless of those picture perfect makeup looks that your favorite celebs and insta famous ladies wear, the fact still remains that having a daily, on the go beauty regimen is a MUST, especially if you want glowing skin sans makeup.

Here are 5 steps (and products) to master a glowing, fresh face in five minutes or less:

  1. Wash your face. It sounds obvious, but it’s the most important step. Stick with a mild cleanser like black soap, and stay away from scented soaps that use a synthetic fragrances.

  2. Use a face toner. Toners help remove excess dirt, and also correct and balance the pH of your skin, which controls acne. Try Mario Badescu’s witch hazel and rose water toner. If you’re a DIYer mix 1 part rose water to 1 part witch hazel if you have dry skin, or use a 3:1 ratio with more witch hazel if you have oily skin.

  3. Moisturize. This step can really make or break how your skin looks throughout the day. Opt for natural products that do not have water as the first ingredient (check the label!) or go straight to the source and buy your own oils and butters. Argan oil is the perfect facial moisturizer it’s not too heavy, not too light—making it perfect to use on all skin types. If you’re opting for an all in one product, try a tinted moisturizer.

  4. Prime your face (for makeup). Some primers also serve as moisturizers, which can simplify your routine even more!

  5. Add the finishing touches. Keep it simple with a light layer of mineral powder, then add your favorite Liplove, like Coffee or Sahara - the perfect nude colors. If you’re feeling adventurous, substitute the nudes for Rosa or Violet on the lips, cheeks & eyes.

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