Meet the Women Featured in the Fall Campaign

If you follow us on Instagram and tuned in to stories on Sunday, then you know that the Fall photo shoot was epic, thanks to 3 brilliant, beautiful, inspiring women! They are not professional models, but they embody the spirit of Liplove in that they accept who they are, and embrace what makes them beautiful.

The decision to feature only real women is largely driven by the fact that there are enough picture perfect models in photos that don’t showcase who they truly are, which can often lead to shame and the comparison game among women, when in reality, those photos are photoshopped and the models aren’t allowed to express their true authentic selves.

For this shoot, there was no one telling Allyson, Annie and Nesha how to pose; they were told to be themselves so that their individual beauty could shine through. Here’s an inside look at the photo shoot, including some behind the scenes fun!